IAN JOHNSON (b. 1969, UK) studied at Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds and Goldsmiths College, London, where he graduated with a BA (hons) Fine Art degree in 1991. During this period he was awarded an Erasmus Travel Scholarship to study at L'Ecole de Beaux Arts, Montpellier, France, as well as receive a Young Artist's Work Scholarship for the Museo de Arte Contemporanea, Castello di Rivoli, Torino, Italy. In addition to numerous awards and grants, Ian was a recipient of the Florence Trust International Artist Studio Residency in 2006.
He has exhibited in the UK and internationally, in both public and private galleries and his work is held in many private collections worldwide. Having traveled widely throughout the last 15 years, Ian now divides his time between London and Mexico. His work is currently on show with Interseccion Arte Contemporaneo, in San Miguel de Allende and Valle de Bravo, Mexico.

Selected Exhibitions

2018                 Micro Cosmo (group show)
                         Interseccion Arte Contemporaneo, SMA, MX

2017                 The Frequency Variations (solo show)
                         Interseccion Arte Contemporaneo, SMA, MX

2016                 Cross Sections (solo presentation)
Interseccion Arte Contemporaneo, Valle de Bravo, MX
                         Refractor Paintings
(solo installation)
                         Skot Foreman Gallery, SMA, MX

2015                 4 Elements (solo installation)
Skot Foreman Gallery, SMA, MX

                         New works
 (group show)
                         Interseccion Arte Contemporaneo, Valle de Bravo, MX

2014                 Kind of Blue  (group show)
                         Skot Foreman Gallery, SMA, MX

2013                 Mapping the Territory  (solo show)
                         Skot Foreman Gallery, San Miguel de Allende, MX

2011                 Collidescope  (solo show)
                         Four Arts, London, UK

                         Colour  (group show)
                         Beldam Gallery, Brunel University, London, UK

2010                 Split Screen  (group show)
                         Galerie Jones, Cologne, DE

                         TimeScale  (solo show)
                         Gooden Gallery, London, UK

                         Print Now Pt.2  (group show)
                         Bearspace, London, UK

                         Print Now  (selected group show)
                         London Art Fair, London, UK

2009                 Storm  (group show - RVCC)                                                  
                         Whitechapel Gallery, London, UK

2008                 Without Borders  (group show)
                         Blank Gallery, Brighton, UK

                         Climate Control  (solo show)
                         Cell Studios, London, UK 

2006                 Eidos  (two-person show)
                         VineSpace, Vyner Street, London, UK

                         Liminal Phase  (group show)
                         Highbury Studios, London, UK

                         FT'06  (group show)
                         Florence Trust Studios, London, UK

                         Small Works  (group show)
                         VineSpace, Vyner Street, London, UK

2005                 Painting Concepts  (group show)
                         VineSpace, Vyner Street, London, UK

                         Arts Unwrapped
                         Florence Trust Open Studios, London, UK

2002                 Climate Drawings  (solo show)
                         Dean Clough Galleries, Halifax, UK

                         Climate Drawings  (solo show)
                         Canning House, London, UK

2001                 Red Oxide  (solo show)
                         Ollintla Gallery, Oaxaca, MX

2000                 Political Dialogue (solo show)
                         Space Studios, London, UK

1999                 Imagining Developments (group show)
Worldwrite Centre, London, UK

1997                 El Observatorio (solo show)
                         Centro Cultural El Puente, San Cristobal Las Casas, MX

1995                Tropical Cancer (solo show)
                        Copperfield Road Studios, London, MX

1994                Whitechapel Open (group show)
                        Copperfield Road Studios, London, MX

1993                Cross-Over (group show)
                        Genius Loci Arts, London, UK

1992                Sheffield Media Show (group show)
                        Sheffield Polytechnic, Sheffield, UK

 1991               Ian Johnson / Daisuke Minowa (2 person show)
                        Kepler Gallery, London, UK


Selected Awards / Grants

 2005              Florence Trust International Studio Residency
                        St. Saviours, Aberdeen Park, London, UK

2002               France-Amerique-Latine (FAL)
                        Towards a new Autonomy for Young People
                        European / Latin American Conference - Paris, France

1998               Un Idee du Monde / Natura 2000
                        Encuentro Multilateral en Monfrague, Estremadura, Spain

1994               France-Amerique-Latine (FAL) / INJEP
                        Le role des Jeunes dans le developpement local des societes

                        European / Latin American Conference - Athens, Greece

1993               Genius Loci/ London Arts Board
                        Cross-Over Installation Show Grant
                        Kings Cross, London, UK  

                        Un Idee du Monde
                        Violence Against the Young - Arts Research Grant 
                        Ecuador, Colombia, S America

                        International Young Workers Study Scholarship
                        Museo d' Arte Contemporanea, Castello di Rivoli, Torino, Italy


                       Goldsmiths College of Art, London, UK
                       Ba (hons) Fine Art

                       L'Ecole des Beaux Arts, Montpellier, France
                       Erasmus Travel Scholarship

                       Jacob Kramer College of Art, Leeds, UK   
                       Art & Design Foundation Course